In the search of inspiration and also a little bit of courage…

I keep telling my partner that although things looks calm and uneventful at the outside, it is always a party in my head. I keep exploring so many new things, there are many interesting people I meet whose…

My work in the social development sector allows me an opportunity to be an audience to multiple initiatives across sectors. I have witnessed state government projects with multistakeholder involvement across the business, civil society and communities, collaboratives of business and civil society organizations, NGOs, etc., …

It was a lazy afternoon over the weekend some two years ago. My sister and I were shielding against the sweltering heat with closed doors and the fan overhead running at a speed threatening to tear off from the ceiling at any moment. We didn’t particularly have any plans to…

Chasing thoughts that are considered dark

Do lives really matter?

It’s not a rhetoric question

Earnest inquiry: do lives really matter?

Was that an unequivocal YES?

Oh great! I’d started to grieve for my cat’s death

Oh wait, sorry what? Only human lives matter!

Said who?

Faint response: God, the…

Death has a finality like no other thing in the world. You can wrestle with it, avoid it, hope against it but when it finally arrives, you kneel. You surrender and accept the verdict it brings.

Puttu was (it breaks my heart into pieces to use past tense for him)…

It’s a happy occasion at cousin’s place, a reason for the entire family to come together, make merry and generally have a good time bonding with each other. The cousins are elated. Everyone’s in their festive attire and some have brought home made eateries for the host and the children…

Not mine to care
Not mine to own
Not mine to demand
Not mine to expect
Not mine to hold

Mine to cherish
Mine to await
Mine to hope
Mine to dream
Mine to observe

Not mine but still mine
In a manner that could only be mine

Illusion of possession
Illusion of ownership
Illusion of unity
Reality of separation
Reality of freedom
Reality of acceptance

The studio was warmly lit with two hanging yellow lights. The bulb was a bit too low often bumping into people’s heads if they were not careful on the high table right under it. The folks who visited the studio hardly cared for the comfort or aesthetics. …


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