A 'little' motivation

Two days ago, all the media and newspapers covered Gitanjali Rao who got recognised as the 'Kid of the year, 2020' by Time’s magazine. Reading about this 16year old’s achievements sprung me to action.

I reassured the shy geek in me to ignore that party invite and read for some more time. I struck out any opposition my own mind posed in creating a DIY project on 2021 calendar. I wrote down business ideas as a collection in one section of my journal. I listened to a 30 minute podcast on Quantum Computing. I finished those last few chapters of 'Nonviolent communication' and read articles on Satya Nadella’s passion for the core ideas mentioned in the book. I skipped the jump rope five hundred times for the third consecutive day.

Although I couldn’t dismiss my consultant tendency of tracking outcomes/movement in the indicators I am kind to myself in accepting my middle class need to 'achieve’, 'compete' with myself and make my days 'count’. Whatever the scarcity feeling behind my actions, I’m a little more calmer and proud of my day and moved by the inspiration this 'little' by age and nowhere close to 'little' by achievements Gitanjali Rao provided me.

If each of us continue to live life aligned to our natural 'dharma' then we might end up inspiring countless Arpithas in the world to be a little bit extra in their work and well-being! May be all get strength to be a 'little' more like ourselves.