Everyday sexism #1

I feel the need to record sexist, misogynistic, patronizing statements I come across every day. Pointing them out to the speaker or the gathering at the very moment of occurrence is not always feasible owing to the decorum one has to maintain. So here’s my attempt to capture the angst that accompanies my observations of daily casual sexism.

Who: Newspaper guy

What: “Until my daughter got married I didn’t allow her to work. It’s a year since she has started working at HDFC bank.”

Why is it sexist:

  1. The fact that a father has complete control over his daughter’s prospects of earning a living is classic disbanding of a woman’s agency. She might have spent 24 or more years in an environment that didn’t consider her an equal member to earn in the family

Why does it create angst in me?

  1. I am part of this regressive society where a working woman’s decisions might not be associated to her agency. Instead our breed is looked down upon.

This culture of systemically taking away women’s agency to form a meaningful life always places woman second to a man in society.



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